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We’re back! Some changes are taking place! The classified section will have information for commercial properties for sale or lease. We are located in middle Tennessee so naturally most of the ads and info will focus on the six contiguous counties here. That doesn’t mean there won’t be ads for prime commercial sales and leases elsewhere in the southeast.

Great new article on collecting rent. A must read!


If your property is pet friendly, read this great article on some “How To’s” for your pet owning Residents from the “Resident Screening Group” .

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Read some ideas about “showing a unit” to a prospect which falls under “Lease The Unit”, then zip over to “Maintain The Property” and peruse a really important article about “property inspections”. You’re welcome to search through our site and peruse our content. We think you’ll like it!

Our latest post is a winner that you will really like. “A Managers Toolbox” Go here

This site is dedicated to topics related to property management. In general we will explore residential properties including multifamily (garden style apartments, high rise buildings and condominiums), 2 to 4 family units and any other types our site visitors may inquire about.We will now be featuring some commercial properties, retail centers, office space and others.

We plan on posting short subjects aimed at benefitting your productivity in the work place. Articles on new technology and ideas that will save time thereby boosting your bottom line!

There will be several areas of interest for discussions and comments. These are  based on what we call “THE BASICS OF MANAGING INCOME PRODUCING PROPERTY”. These are the four pillars of the foundation:

  • Lease the unit
  • Collect the rent
  • Maintain the property
  • Manage the community (customer service)

There will be many “sub areas” within these captions, and postings will be specific to them.

We also hope you will enjoy our mascot “HOMER”. He has a multitude of quips and quotes (some of which are quite profound), and loves to chime in at odd times and places in the discussions! GREAT NEWS! Homer is getting a playmate! His name is Jethro and he is a 8 week old Scottish Fold.

imgThe authors are property managers with combined experience of over seventy years in the industry. They hold multiple designations in the field and have trained and instructed classes for various organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

We hope you will participate, learn,  AND enjoy our blog!

Comments can be sent to: propmgr@southernlandlord.com
July 6, 2017
HOMER SAYS: “Common sense is like deodorant, those who need it the most never use it”


Inspections – “Take A Stroll”

Inspections of your property come in many forms and from (sometimes) from many sources: Your Boss The Lender (Mortgage Company) Agencies The Owner The Asset Managers Potential Residents These inspections range from a cursory “drive thru”, to a full blown “unit by unit” that can take days to complete. I believe that one of the… Read More


*COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE* Commercial/Retail – Leasing & Management Are you seeking opportunities for commercial, office or retail space in the Nashville Tennessee area? We offer: LEASING SALES & ACQUISITIONS MANAGEMENT QUARTERLY or MONTHLY PHYSICAL INSPECTION / MONITORING SERVICE (Perfect for absentee Owners) Give our commercial Broker a call! 615-373-2814   John Cooke, RHM® Broker/Agent    Skype:… Read More

I Have Come For The Rent

I HAVE COME FOR THE RENT !                                 Sounds ominous doesn’t it? It should. Collecting rent is serious business. For the Resident, paying rent should become a habit. For most of our Residents it is an obligation that is taken seriously.… Read More