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Print Ads

Print Ads

January 12, 2016 Print advertising comes in many forms. The most common are newspaper classifieds, magazines, directories and flyers. Ads can range widely in price and it depends on the circulation and region. A one inch classified ad can run as much as $65 to $85 for a 3 day ad, depending whether it’s Monday… Continue Reading

How Do You Maintain an Apartment Complex?

How Do You Maintain a Property? New May 2, 2016 This is one of the most important missions in our property management arena. In order to accomplish the missions of “Lease The Unit” and “Collect The Rent”, the property must be safe and in optimum condition. This includes the following five areas in order: *… Continue Reading

My Neighbor Is Blasting The TV Sound Again !!!

Noise complaints are very common when the buildings are multi-story, poorly insulated and have interior hallways. Some older properties may have had repairs completed within the walls, and sheetrock that was damaged was not repaired and re-sealed properly. These are structural issues and can be remedied. On the other hand, noise issues that are Resident… Continue Reading

“The Snake Incident”

It is Monday morning just a little past 8:00 AM. Melvin, the maintenance tech for Green Valley, has come into the office to clock in. He notices that a maintenance request was received online over the weekend and prints it out. Apartment 7 says the kitchen sink overflowed on Sunday night. It did not flood,… Continue Reading

The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

Subject: Ethics It’s early December at Green Valley around 3:00 PM on a Wednesday. Marissa is at the front desk when “Billy” from one of the local contractors offices comes thru the front door. She greets him cordially and tells him that Belinda is out of the office that afternoon. Billy says “oh that’s ok,… Continue Reading

“GREEN VALLEY APARTMENTS & RETIREMENT HOME” – Property management at ground level

The continuing saga of the mythical dysfunctional management team at “Green Valley” Cast: Belinda – Manager Marissa – Leasing Consultant Nora – Resident Services Coordinator for the Retirement center (Marissa’s cousin) Cortez – Maintenance Supervisor (Belinda’s brother in-law) Melvin – Maintenance Technician Roger – Regional Mgr. with Doolittle Management Corp (Belinda’s boss) Follow along with their… Continue Reading