Belinda’s Day Diary – “Unplugged”

Belinda’s Day Diary “Unplugged”

A journal with an “uncut” peek inside the office of a fictional apartment complex.


January 1, 2016

This is a chronological listing of the entries in Belinda’s day diary for Green Valley Apartments and Senior Community. Her Property Manager requires that the basic daily entries contain (a) today’s weather,(b) absent employees,(c) number of prospects, (traffic) that visit in person and number of prospect calls received,(d) any emergencies, and (e) emergency maintenance requests.

Beyond the required information, Belinda is very detail oriented and tends to jot down any “out of the ordinary” happenings at the property. There are gaps in the dates of entries due to the omission of days that only have the standard daily information entered.

Enjoy, and be sure to visit this page often so you don’t miss any of the “unusual happenings” and some issues that arise between Residents, between Residents and Staff and so on…….

  • Monday February 15, 2016 –

Rain (has rained for 3 days) – All employees present – Unit 4B in retirement home reported ceiling leak in her LR. Carpet is wet. Cortez sent Melvin with the wet vac. Need to check roof when rain stops. 4 inquiries-

  • Tuesday February 16, 2016 –

More rain – No one absent – Unit 4B called to say the leak has now dripped into her TV set and she is upset because she can’t watch her shows. She fussed at Melvin when he returned with the wet vac. She told him that she wants a new TV – I will go check it tomorrow.- 0 inquiries

NEW !!!!

* Wednesday February 17, 2016 –

Cloudy, High today 32 deg. Put out “Freeze Warning let your faucets drip signs”. No one absent – 0 inquiries. Went to check on 4B’s issue with the ceiling leak. It has leaked from the living room ceiling and I believe it’s coming from the rotted window sill in the unit above her (6B). I will have Billy from ABC Contractors come out tomorrow to give us a bid on the repair to 6B’s window sill and 4B’s ceiling leak. 4B’s TV is an old picture tube model. I think I can buy a new 26″ flat screen at the mall for around $200 and have Melvin set it up for her, or I can give her  $100 off the rent for the next two months. Either way it’s worth it to settle the issue. (Note: take photos of old TV, new TV, window sills before and after and ceiling before and after).

* Thursday February 18, 2016 –

Clouds and Temps in the 40’s – No one absent- Melvin was 1 hour late due to a Dr’s. appointment (Be sure to post on ADT time card on line)- EMT’s were called to the Retirement Center right at lunch time. The Resident in 301 slipped after spilling a glass of iced tea on her living room floor. They transported her to the hospital for x-rays- Billy from ABC was here and gave us a bid to do the repairs in 6B and 4B. He punched a hole in 4B’s ceiling to let the water drain into a bucket from the leak. He said there “might” be some asbestos in the area between the ceiling of 4B and the sub-floor of 6B. His bid was $650 including supplies, but it doesn’t include the asbestos issue if there is any.

………To Be Continued, Stay Tuned

NEW! March 14, 2016…..

  • Wednesday February 24, 2016 –

Sunny and 50’s – No one absent – Billy from ABC Contractors completed the repairs in 6B and 4B. We were lucky that there was no asbestos found in the ceiling and the cost was right on the dot at $650. – Pest control was here to do 2 buildings and we had 4 special requests, one of which was for a resident who said she saw a large snake on the sidewalk by her unit. Her next door neighbor who was just coming home from work also saw it and screamed loud enough for several additional folks to hear and come out to see what was happening! I sent Melvin over there and by then the snake had disappeared. Now everyone is jittery, so the pest control guy said he would look around. – We had 4 calls and 2 walk-ins today with one application –

  • Wednesday March 2, 2016 – 

Cold and spitting snow, should turn to rain tonight – Everyone present today – Getting ready today and tomorrow for the semi-annual inspection. Will deliver notices to one third of the residents today so they can prepare for the unit inspections on Friday Mar 4, and we will inspect all the common areas, drives, hallways and  exterior stairs, laundry and the back flow preventer tomorrow.- The snake has not appeared lately as it has been colder weather.- 6 calls and no visits today.

  • Saturday March 5, 2016 –

Weather is nice, sunny and 60. – The inspection went very well. All the units we inspected did not have any visible Resident damage, we discovered several leaky faucets and some toilets that needed flush valves, but otherwise I’m very pleased with one exception. We discovered a “hoarding” situation that will have to be addressed. I will check with the Home Office and our Regional Manager to discuss the steps to be taken regarding notifications, letters to the Lessee, etc. – All employees present today and there were 4 walk-ins, 1 application – All employees present.

  • Wednesday March 9, 2016 –

Weather is clouds/some sun and high of 68. Everyone is present and it’s Staff Meeting Day! We decided to:    Eliminate the cookies for school children in the afternoons as they get off the school bus. Instead, we will have a nice selection of fruit for them. Healthy!

Work orders were discussed and we will change our “Maintenance Door Hangers” to a version that allows the Maint Tech to write a personal message or note about the maintenance visit.

Rent collections have been good, but we still have “stragglers” that need reminders.

It’s time to plant our spring flowers in the beds at the entrances and around the office and other common areas. The Staff gets to choose what we plant each season (with home office approval), and those choices are due to the Mgr. by the end of the week. There were 8 calls, 4 walk-ins and 3 applications…. Spring is here!!

Stay tuned……..!

  • Monday May 2, 2016 –

Rain and 65 Deg. All staff present. 42 visitors last week, leased 14 units, and are at 92% occupied. We are now getting upgrades ready due to a couple of new contractors! Thanks guys! Its rent collection time and we are ready. No problems to speak of from last week with the exception of one REALLY upset new move in. This is a good lesson for everyone: This Resident came without his family (wife and 2 children), and we showed him 5 units. He took detailed notes on each unit along with photos made with his phone. This took up 1and a half hours of the agents’ time. He did put down an admin fee and an application for a unit that was to be “ready” Saturday. He came this weekend with his family to move in. When they went to view the unit prior to lease signing, his wife stated that the unit “did not have enough light”. They then wanted a different unit. A different unit would involve an additional “make ready”. This was explained, but to no avail. Needless to say, the argument went on for an hour, and the discussion was moved to an inner office. Lesson Learned: Try to have all parties that will sign the lease present during the application process.Take some time with staff to discuss “conflict resolution” issues.

  • Monday June 20, 2016 –

Last week several events occurred that brought my feet back to the ground:

  1. One Resident has altered his apartment to such an extent that it will interfere with our plans to upgrade the interiors of the units.
  2. My budget is due into the main office by September 1 (I need to begin the process NOW, bids for capital projects, analyzing water and electric bills, etc).
  3. Melvin (my staff maintenance tech) was bitten by a lizard of some type and had to go to the hospital.
  4. I need to re-read the lease! It’s important that I know the lease backward and forward.

Otherwise: Roger paid us a visit last week from the home office. He decided to “walk some vacant units” and took Marissa with him (they were gone for 3 hours?).