The Cast Of Characters

Introducing The Fictional Staff and Residents at “Green Valley”

Belinda: Manager

Nora: Resident Services Coordinator (Retirement Center)

Marissa: Leasing Agent

Cortez: Maintenance Supervisor

Melvin: Maintenance Technician

Roger: Regional Manager with Doolittle Management Corp

Clifford: Resident at the Retirement Center

Margaret: Resident at the Retirement Center

Miss Clara: Resident at the Retirement Center

Oscar: Resident at the Retirement Center

Rebecca: Resident at the Apartment Community

Andy: Resident at the Apartment Community

 Background on all staff:

Belinda: Belinda has been in property management for 8 years. She began as a maid, cleaning vacated units for new occupants. She was promoted to receptionist, then to Leasing Agent, then Assistant Manager at a sister property. She has been the Manager at Green Valley for two years. Belinda is married to Jose’ and they have two children, Maria and Raymond. They are 7 and 11 years of age respectively.Belinda is in her mid 30’s and attractive with brown hair and blue eyes. She works out in the fitness center at the complex 3 or 4 evenings per week. She is smart, well spoken and a likeable leader and boss. They live on the property in a 3-bedroom apartment.

Nora: Nora has a background in social work and has a degree in psychology. She is technically the second in command, but in reality is an equal with the maintenance supervisor (Cortez). She has been employed at Green Valley Retirement Community for 4 years. Nora is Marissa’s aunt. She is tall and slender with a “prim and proper” personality and can be “stand-offish” at times. Nora is responsible for the administration of the retirement home residents and sees that area as her turf. As Resident Services Coordinator (RSC), she maintains all the medical records for the senior residents. These files are separate from the Resident lease files that are maintained in the Green Valley business office. Nora lives in a rented house across town.

 Marissa: Marissa was employed as the receptionist one year ago. She has been the leasing agent for 3 months doing double duty since the previous leasing person was dismissed. She now receives commissions for new leases and lease renewals in addition to her hourly wage. She handles the applications for both the apartments and the retirement center. She interacts with her Aunt (Nora) on a daily basis and the relationship seems cordial. Marissa is 20 years old and is a very attractive blond with blue eyes. She attends the local community college at night and is intent on a career path in the property management industry. Marissa lives on the property in a 1-bedroom apartment by the pool.

 Cortez: Cortez is the maintenance supervisor and as such oversees all the repairs, parts inventory and ordering, refurbishing (turning) of vacant units and grounds maintenance. He is also responsible for any capital repairs and the bids associated with this work. Cortez is Belinda’s brother-in-law. He is 38 years old with premature gray hair and very fit. He has worked for the company 8 years and is well liked at the corporate office. He and his wife are separated and he is currently staying in a 2-bedroom unit at the property.

 Melvin: Melvin is the maintenance technician and performs the daily routine maintenance requests from Residents and for the retirement community. He has been at Green Valley for 2 years. He is HVAC certified and has passed two of the maintenance courses offered by the local Apartment Association. Melvin enjoys his work and is well liked by the residents. He is 24 years old with sandy hair. Melvin is a nice looking, clean cut mannerly young man and loyal to his employers. He shares a 2-bedroom apartment with a roommate at a sister complex 3 miles away.

Roger: Roger is a regional Manager with Doolittle Management Corp and is Belinda’s boss. He works from the regional office 110 miles away. Roger visits the property at least quarterly and his property inspections create tension in the office because he is so strict. He has been a property manager for 15 years and tends to be a “know it all”. Roger has taken a liking to Marissa and is obviously partial to her. He is married to the daughter of the founder of Doolittle Management and they have 2 children.

  •  Residents of the Retirement Community

Clifford: He is a spry 80 years old and enjoys visiting up and down the halls of the retirement center. He is one of the groups of four that play bridge and hang out in the recreation room.

 Margaret: A retired high school teacher with lots of energy.

 Miss Clara: She is from a well to do family that hover around everything she does, and are very protective of her. She wishes they would not visit every other day.

 Oscar: Oscar is a retired military officer and a very straight arrow. He needs detailed answers to every question and rule.

  • Residents of the Apartment Community

Rebecca (Becky): Becky’s stage name is “Tarzana” and she is a dancer at a local nightclub. She has resided at Green Valley for 3 years and lives alone in a 2-bedroom unit by the pool. She has been a model resident and neighbors and staff are fond of her, as she bakes cookies and brings them to the office for everyone to share. She is a statuesque brunette and can be found in the fitness center almost every afternoon if not by the pool.

Andy: Andy is a wounded US Army veteran on disability. He has lived at Green Valley for 1 year. He is employed part time at the super market in town and rides his bicycle back and forth to work. He exercises by walking around the property twice daily. Andy is a quiet person and does not interact with other residents very much. When not dressed for work he usually wears his Army fatigue shirt and shorts with combat boots.