How Do You Maintain an Apartment Complex?

How Do You Maintain a Property? New May 2, 2016

This is one of the most important missions in our property management arena. In order to accomplish the missions of “Lease The Unit” and “Collect The Rent”, the property must be safe and in optimum condition. This includes the following five areas in order:
* Emergencies and/or life threatening conditions
* Curb appeal
* Vacancies
* Routine maintenance
* Other maintenance

We will discuss each of these five areas and others in more detail in coming articles.

“Emergencies and Life Threatening Conditions”

Emergencies are a serious topic for Property Managers. Maybe the most serious situation for those of us in the industry is fire. Because apartments by their very nature and construction characteristics are joined above, below and side by side, a fire, even a small one, can become deadly in an instant. For example, in a presentation by a major city Fire Marshall several years ago, we were shown a film whereby a kitchen fire spread into a long common hallway that was built with “fire doors” that had closers designed to trip and close the door when the automatic fire alarms went off. In this case however, the doors had been “propped open” so children could ride their trikes all the way down the hall without stopping. This created a “chimney effect” and when the fire breached the apartment door and into the hall, the blaze roared down the hall at a speed faster than a human could run. I still visualize that training film to this day!

As a Resident, please comply with the fire safety rules wherever you reside. If you see a missing extinguisher, or anything that might create a fire hazard, PLEASE notify your Management team so they can correct the issue.

As property management Staff, it goes without saying that your fire safety equipment, training and awareness should be addressed daily. Vigilance is the key to prevention.

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