Inspections – “Take A Stroll”

Inspections of your property come in many forms and from (sometimes) from many sources:

  • Your Boss
  • The Lender (Mortgage Company)
  • Agencies
  • The Owner
  • The Asset Managers
  • Potential Residents

These inspections range from a cursory “drive thru”, to a full blown “unit by unit” that can take days to complete. I believe that one of the most important inspections that NEEDS to take place is the one that you, as the Manager should perform AT LEAST weekly, and a mini version should happen every day, yes….daily.

I know how hard your day is, with reports due, rents to post, maintenance issues, Resident issues, and on, and on. Please set aside a span of time that you at least drive through your property, or take a different direction when you are coming to, or leaving the office for the day. You may find that the reason your traffic is down, is due to the directional sign by the road at the east end of your property being covered by an overgrown shrub, and the reason you didn’t notice is because you come and go each day via the west side! If you don’t live on site, do you ever drive through your property at night…on a weekend night….? You should.

Do your Techs take notes of additional findings they notice in a unit as they make their maintenance visits, and then create an additional work request so the work order can be put back in the system?

Do you have an intensive inspection process in your vacant units when the “make ready’ or “turn” is complete? This is your chance to keep those new move-in “punch lists” items to a bare minimum AND have a happy new Resident!

If you manage a HUD property, you know what REAC stands for don’t you? Those of you unfamiliar with the Housing and Urban Development “Real Estate Assessment Center” should know that it is the division responsible for the physical and financial inspections of properties that have loans underwritten by HUD, or that receive rent subsidy from HUD. In short, it can take several months to prepare for an inspection, and they are very comprehensive! So, be thankful and ……..

Remember, hop up from behind that computer screen, grab your Maintenance Supervisor, hop in the golf cart, or just go for a nice walk….and see amazing things on your property!!

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