Lease The Unit

Apartments – Are You A “Leasing Pro”?

NEXT……Let’s discuss how we “show” a vacant apartment! May 20, 2016 – Are we ready to show that great 2 bedroom that just came available? Let’s do it !! Here are the assumptions we will use before we get to the meat of the discussion: The apartment has been reconditioned (turned): The apartment has been… Continue Reading

Who’s Driving The Car ?

Let’s talk about “Curb Appeal”. All of us in the management industry know and love this terminology. For those who might be just beginning their multifamily careers, this may be one of the top 10 things I’d like you to take away from our Blog today, or any day! I’ll start with a detour into… Continue Reading

LEASING – The Foundation Part I

What can we say about the phrase “Lease The Unit”. What comes to mind is the word “Occupancy”. In order to have occupants in our units, we must first have “traffic”. This consists of telephone inquiries, walk-ins, referrals from professional apartment leasing companies, folks that drive by our property, etc. In my experience, leasing is… Continue Reading

Leasing – Who Do I Rent To and How?

February 1, 2016 First, let’s pose some questions readers both novice and pro may have, or might need to get back up to speed on: Who should I rent to? – If you are a novice, and own a duplex and are residing in one side, the ideal occupant needs to be compatible with your life… Continue Reading

Print Ads

Print Ads

January 12, 2016 Print advertising comes in many forms. The most common are newspaper classifieds, magazines, directories and flyers. Ads can range widely in price and it depends on the circulation and region. A one inch classified ad can run as much as $65 to $85 for a 3 day ad, depending whether it’s Monday… Continue Reading