My Neighbor Is Blasting The TV Sound Again !!!

Noise complaints are very common when the buildings are multi-story, poorly insulated and have interior hallways. Some older properties may have had repairs completed within the walls, and sheetrock that was damaged was not repaired and re-sealed properly. These are structural issues and can be remedied.

On the other hand, noise issues that are Resident initiated is another issue entirely. Stereos, TV’s, children, parties etc have to be treated on an individual basis with all or some of the following being taken in consideration:
* Read the lease. The lease will almost always address this issue in very plain terms.
* Yes, living in a close multifamily structure can be tedious and stressful at times.The Management could do some pre-empting simply by broaching the subject during the lease signing process. Explain the lease language in plain terms. Stress that meeting and communicating with your neighbors is important. You do not need to have a relationship, but saying hello in the hallway or parking area can go a long way to having “quiet enjoyment”. Knowing neighbors’ names, creating a “neighborhood watch” etc are all effective in creating continuity in a building.

We are only scratching the surface here, so be inventive with your individual property situation.


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