Tall Tales From the Christmas Party

January 13, 2016 – Homer Katz reporting

Well, the Christmas party was a huge success. Everyone had a LARGE time and a few were Xtra Large if you get my drift 🙂

Our Regional Manager Roger was in attendance and this is the first year he has done so. His family stayed home due to one of the children being ill. He was dressed in his usual casual attire (you’d think he would at least put on a tie for the party), and was obviously ignoring other employees to spend time with Marissa.

Belinda, the Manager was there with her husband Jose’ and their two children Maria and Raymond. She was wearing a knockout low cut black dress and was a super star!

The Resident Services Coordinator Nora was in a severe cut suit with a pillbox hat and being her usual snotty self.

Nora’s niece Marissa came in just after Roger and had on a conservative red pants suit that was already wrinkled (I’m being “catty”).

Cortez and Melvin came in together looking great in kakis and blazers. They were only staying for a short time before heading to another party.

Some of our Residents at the party were:

Clifford, who was already looking for a game of bridge for later on, and Margaret, bouncing up and down as usual. Then Oscar showed up with his stern face on, I suppose to glare at anyone having fun. I spotted Andy standing at the back of the recreation room just observing everyone.

And then came Becky. OMG, it was as if a spotlight focused on her and all the other lights dimmed. She was stunning in a sequined mini dress cut to “way down here”. You could hear a cat hair drop to the floor!

At that point the DJ cut loose with ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ by the Stones and the party was on!

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January 21, 2016:

Where was I?

My but our senior Residents sure know how to party down! And dance? Can they ever cut a rug! Check it out ! Some other happenings at the party:

* One of our senior Residents proposed to his lady friend. (Did this come about as a result of the “open door policy” instituted by the Senior            Residents’ Advisory Board???). Stay tuned.

* Marissa was seen headed to the ladies powder room in somewhat of a hurry. Seems her lipstick was smeared and her hair was mussed up a bit ?? About this same time, Roger sidled up to the bar for a drink and several folks noticed a red smear on his shirt collar ?? (I saw a bit of mud on his shoes!)

* Another senior Resident collapsed on the dance floor and Cortez (our Maintenance Supervisor) rushed to him and began CPR while Melvin called 911 on his cell phone. The EMT’s were there in short order and took over. He was stable when they left to transport him to the hospital.

* With the party reaching a crescendo, it began to snow fairly heavily and the maintenance team had to leave to began spreading ice melt at all the buildings.

* With the onset of snow, and the sad event with a medical emergency, the party began to wind down. The DJ put on a slow dance tune and the lights were dimmed. Only three or four couples were left on the floor. From my view (at floor level), I’m sure I saw two couples that seemed odd together. Afterwards I thought maybe I was just tired, but I’m pretty sure I saw Nora dancing closely with Oscar, and at the other end of the floor was Becky and Andy! (Stay tuned).

Signing off for now, Homer Katz

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