The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

Subject: Ethics

It’s early December at Green Valley around 3:00 PM on a Wednesday. Marissa is at the front desk when “Billy” from one of the local contractors offices comes thru the front door. She greets him cordially and tells him that Belinda is out of the office that afternoon. Billy says “oh that’s ok, I’m just dropping off some Christmas greetings for you guys”. He lays several envelopes on her desk and says “I have some other things in the truck, so I’ll be right back.” While he is in the parking lot Marissa casually sorts thru the envelopes noting that there is one for each employee. Billy returns with several packages with Christmas wrappings in his arms and asks if he can put them in Belinda’s office. As he leaves Billy says “Merry Christmas to you guys” and “don’t forget us when it’s time to bid on the units for re-hab”.

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